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Super Bowl Spot for Sale: One Stunt That’s Piqued Our Curiosity

Is Someone Selling Second-Hand Game Time? A Scam or a Stunt?

Posted by Ken Wheaton on 01.19.11 @ 02:27 PM

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All you need is $4 million and a dream. And an ad.
All you need is $4 million and a dream. And an ad.

Has the Super Bowl gone all Craigslist on us? Check out this website offering to sell you — yes, YOU! — a 30 second spot in the game. There’s a slight mark-up, though. The interested buyer would have to pay $4 million for a spot that promises 90% of the market. So you’d likely be acquiring a buy cobbled together out of local markets — and paying at least $1 million more than the spots sold by Fox. That’s assuming this isn’t an outright scam. Fox, for its part, says this is most decidedly not one of the national spots. We filled out the form, checking the box indicating we don’t have $4 million on hand and are now eagerly awaiting a sales rep to contact us.


UPDATE: Oops. Look like someone got in trouble. The site now produces this message: “This account is currently disabled because it is under administrative review. Please contact the Wufoo Support Team for more details.”



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