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Interesting Film

Hang in if you can. The beating each other with dustbusters was kind of weird. Well the whole thing is weird. Why not just go fight full contact karate? Cause you cant hit each other with a computer keyboard? ; … Continue reading

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Advertising is…

. The Ad Graveyard Prelude: The Advertising Joke A COPYWRITER DIES, and Saint Peter offers him a choice of Heaven or Hell. The writer asks to see both. Leading him to a doorway, Saint Peter says: “Here in Hell, we … Continue reading

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Panasonic GH2

Yes I know its another Downfall parody. It is however still pretty good. Pretty true also. What was the thought process there?? I know us NTSC folks dont have quite the same amount of hassles with the camera but for … Continue reading

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Solid State Drives

Researchers from the University of California at San Diego delivered a paper at the FAST-11 Conference in San Jose, Calif., last week that shows it’s almost impossible to reliably erase data from a solid state drive. The tome, “Reliably Erasing Data … Continue reading

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Mr Hoffmans Thoughts On Advertising

Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman/Lewis advertising. Bob writes ‘The Ad Contrarian‘. Here’s what he says about why advertising is so crappy: Like most sensible people, here at The Ad Contrarian world headquarters we do our best to avoid advertising. This keeps … Continue reading

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THE PRINCIPLES OF MONTAGE One of the key elements of being a good director, is to understand the “principles of montage” – the juxtaposition of images to tell a story. In 1918, a Russian filmmaker called Lev Kuleshov conducted an … Continue reading

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What planet is it I live on?

I am by no means a politically motivated person because mostly I believe my vote really cant make a difference. Every know and then though, something makes me so confused by people. Conservative politicians in the House have accomplished their … Continue reading

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Rule Of Thirds

Rule of Thirds “Rules are made to be broken.”  -My favorite paradox. I can count on one hand the number of rules I will obey without question, based solely on fear of catastrophic consequences: I turn off personal electronics during … Continue reading

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Amazing pics

So this is a little off track but its just such beautiful pics. Try standing up when you watch this. Its not easy!!

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Aspect Ratios

        Cinerama Matted Panavision Super 35 Super Panavision 70 Technirama Todd-AO Ultra Panavision 70 VistaVision Academy – 1.33:1 (current) or 1.37:1 (before a soundtrack is added) The Academy ratio (1.37:1 before a soundtrack was incorporated onto the … Continue reading

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