On the other hand, FCP X 1.0 offers extremely limited functionality with professional i/o devices (no capture or print-to-tape via the professional i/o interface), and even when used that way, FCP X’s output is considered not trustable for critical monitoring. AJA’s PDF states:

The quality of the output produced during editorial (with FCP X) should be considered preview quality.

Can I import a Final Cut Pro 7 (or 6) project?

As of Version 1 and today’s release there is no direct import capability for legacy projects. My understanding is that there will be an Apple-provided utility for importing XML from older projects to Final Cut Pro X. However, my advice would remain: do not update software mid way through a project, unless there’s a very, very compelling reason.

Will we be able to switch the Final Cut Pro X layout to a more traditional 2-monitor setup?

Simply put, no. Final Cut Pro X is a single window app, as will become common on Lion. It will behave like a single window app on Snow Leopard two. That means that the layout evolves around function but not with preset layouts like we have in Final Cut Pro 7.

Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Color no longer exist.

Third-party video hardware is currently not supported with the exception of an AJA beta option. Read the AJA documentation carefully, as it appears they are performing a workaround for compatibility.

No list-based i/o (XML, EDL, AAF) is currently supported in Final Cut Pro X


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