‘Arrested Development’ Bidding War Breaks Out Between Hulu, Netflix (Report)

REBLOGGED FROM “The Hollywood Reporter” by Georg Szalai


Arrested Development

Showtime has also reportedly shown interest in a planned limited-run series that would set up a movie.

NEW YORK – Challenging Netflix, online video service Hulu has joined the bidding war over exclusive rights to new episodes of Arrested Development, Vulture reported.

Creator Mitch Hurwitz had said a few days ago that he and producer Ron Howard were eyeing a limited-run series to set up a long-awaited Arrested Development movie.

Stars Will Arnett and Jason Bateman later confirmed on Twitter that a plan for several episodes and the movie were in place.

Showtime and online streaming firm Netflix were originally mentioned as distributors interested in the limited run, but Vulture said that Hulu has since contacted the Arrested Development team.

The interest from various parties makes it more likely that the Bluth family will indeed return to a screen – whether TV or computer, Vulture said. It didn’t discuss how much each side may be willing to offer for the show.

Hulu has racked up 100 million streaming impressions from Arrested Development clips, episodes and outtakes since its launch in 2008, Vulture cited sources as saying. 

A Hulu spokeswoman declined to comment for the story.

Arrested Development, produced by 20h Century Fox, had ratings that led to its cancellation, but passionate viewers and critics have long hoped for a return of the show.
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