FCP v Media Composer 6

If you are an editor and mostly if you are an FCP only editor you may be aware of who Walter Biscardi is. He has been for the last 11 years one of FCP’s biggest idiot fanboys. Professing how good that tenth rate program is. I have never been able to understand why anyone could proclaim the program to be so good, when its just so bad. Thankfully Apple decided to kill FCP and the fanboys have been forced to finally open their eyes to what Avid editors have known all along. Media Composer is just so much better, always has been. Yes, it cost more then FCP but you get what you pay for. Anyway, heres a very interesting read from ex-fcp fanboy Biscardi. Now, will the rest of you who are still clinging to the hope that somehow FCP is going to bounce back to life accept that its gone, dead, goodbye. Move on or you will be dead as an editor also.



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San Francisco based film and video editor.
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