Adobe Plugins To Remove Jump Cuts

Adobe experimenting with technology to get rid of jump cuts
December 13, 2011 By James DeRuvo

You may not think it does due to their stubborn insistence to keep Flash until the bitter end, but Adobe seems to never stop innovating. Their most recent Adobe Labs project is a Seamless Edits plugin that makes jump cuts a thing of the past. And any filmmaker that has done interviews can attest that nothing takes an audience out of the documentary experience faster. Check this out …
Interview footage can be tough to edit for as heads move or the editor simply removed pauses, words etc. And it becomes quite noticeable that a cut has been made. And hiding a jump cut can be quite a time consuming and frustrating process for an editor, even to the point where a reshoot of an interview may be necessary, which then affects the natural quality of the story being told.
Adobe created an algorithm that can get rid of the jump cut by using extra frames to interpolate a transition from one cut to another. The basic idea is that 95% of interview footage isn’t used, and as such, there’s plenty of similar frames on the cutting room floor that an Adobe Plugin can insert in between clips to make a transition smoother. To synthesize a transition across a jump cut, the plugin analyzes similarities between frames throughout the original footage. Then, when it cut is made, the plugin then computes a “smooth” path using other frames in the footage to bridge the gap between the start and end of the jump cut. As a result, transitions that would normally be jarring, can end up seamless across a wide variety of clips.
The footage is currently only in development, but Adobe hopes to insert this technology into Premiere as another type of transition plugin. But there’s no timetable for it’s release. Still, clearly Adobe is pretty happy with how well this new algorithm is performing to announce it on it’s website with a video that can be seen here.
If you may remember, Adobe recently announced a new plugin that will use another algorithm to analyze an image that is out of focus and make it sharp. Dubbed the Adobe Photo Deblurring App was showcased at this year’s Adobe Max developer’s conference. The process uses a proprietary algorithm, to analyze the image with a predetermined set of parameters that the user loads into it. It then calculates the movements of the camera at the time the image was taken and defines what areas need to be sharpened and restored. And the algorithm doesn’t care if the image is out of focus, or is merely the victim of camera shake. It also will sharpen out of focus text to make it readable and can either recover text information completely or in selected areas.
These two Adobe Labs projects are sure to have a profound impact on video editing, making it far easier to salvage resources and piece together interview footage to tell a more compelling story. And if this is any indication of what Adobe is doing, the future looks plenty bright for filmmakers as they gain even better tools for their filmmaking quiver.


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