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5 Responses to Omnicopter

  1. live4life201 says:

    This reminded me of the I pads AR drone. Things like this make me wonder why the hell doesn’t anybody make a flying device that can be sat in. I mean God the air drone is made out of mainly styrofoam. If you made this please steal my idea a make a flying vehicle so people wouldn’t have to pay these ridiculous gas prices.


  2. montyedits says:

    Or maybe more like this?

    There are plenty out there.. its coming but still the safety factor that stops them becoming more popular.


  3. live4life201 says:

    Reblogged this on live4life201 and commented:

    Make flying cars already.


  4. live4life201 says:

    Lol totally Embarrassed. Well if that’s the case I’m going working on mines. Forget the safety aspect you know that comes third,I’ll try to take it easy. These could become this century’s go carts in a short period of time. I’m in aw keep up the good work dudes.


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