Avid Tips n Tricks

use Cmd(Ctrl)+/ to fit entire sequence in Timeline Window

Use Alt+Copy to load timeline segments back into your source monitor. Works with in/out marks or lassoing multiple clips.

Hold down alt/option while dragging a file into a bin. This will AMA link the file instead of the traditional import.

In Avid MC hit Opt(Alt)+6(Play In to Out) to loop playback between In and Out Points.

In Avid Media Composer, hold Opt/Alt while performing a match frame. This will keep it MC from adding an In point.

Alt+Select left/right – this selects everything EXCEPT the filler. Useful for moving chunks of timeline.

In Avid, use Cmd(Cntl)+M to zoom to a specific part of the timeline. Once you hit Cmd(Cntl)+M you have to lasso area.


About montyedits

San Francisco based film and video editor.
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