The purpose of this blog is simply to pass along information I found useful and interesting to other editors or post production people. A second by product of this is that I hope to alert the same audience to some of the blogs I read because there are too many out there and sometimes decent ones are hard to find. This week however I have had a cry baby going on at me for putting an entire article of his on my site, even though its the very first posting of his on my site (I only put one posting per writer in the hope after that people will go to the relevant blog to read). I would have thought in this day and age, any publicity for your site is good. If I was regularly posting from the same writer, thats another thing but I do not do that. I also make it very clear these are not my writings, I provide the authors name and a link to their blog. I make no money from this blog.

So if you see an article of yours on here and you do not wish the free publicity for your blog or if you do not write for the purpose of entertaining and informing people and consider having just one of your articles here an offense please let me know and I will remove all trace of you from this site. Please do not go on like a little cry baby. My motives are genuine, to help further the spread of information about post production techniques, technology, practices and people.



About montyedits

San Francisco based film and video editor.
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